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Team members have decades of experience working with security and CIP inside control centers, power plants, and substations. We've personally played every role as front-line employees, trainers and leaders inside utilities. We understand utilities.


Team members have years of wide-ranging experience developing highly useful and recognized training materials that integrate story. This includes developing college curriculum, employee stock option training, and versions of our recognized CIP training for versions 3 and 5.


From our first CIPv3 training module we've put people at the forefront. Our team includes experts from many design disciplines that range from actors to video game developers to interaction designers.

Charlie Evans

Minister of Opportunity

Charlie's fifteen years of far-ranging experience means that he brings an enormous array of technical and interpersonal skills to bear on any problem. He places a particular importance on people, having a remarkably deep understanding of what motivates people and how to help them be successful.

In previous lives, Charlie led a cross-cultural Global Customer Support Team and then directed the integration of people and cultures as a Corporate Acquisition Integrator. Moving to the energy industry, he has managed multiple IT groups, including the Energy Management System Team. If it brings people and technology together, there's a 63.756% chance he's done it.

Charlie evangelizes the CIP Defender product to organizations and shares with them the transformation that can happen as people understand and embrace their roles.

Christopher Lazzaro

Experience Architect

Christopher Lazzaro's passion lies at the intersection of design, people, and learning. He preaches the good news that people want to learn if only they have a few things to help along the way - like training that is seriously fun.

To get here, Christopher spent the last twelve years in Tibet in increasing management roles at Associated Electric Cooperative, finally managing all programmers and technicians serving the Energy Management System, fossil plant software systems, and other critical systems that require the highest level of security and reliability. Basically, his teams worked on all the fun stuff. Christopher was a web site designer, software consultant, and five years a faculty member of the Breech School of Business at Drury University.

Christopher organized the MetaMythic team and lives to bring learning excellence, human design, and remarkable experiences to an industry that wants to engage their employees.

Michael Dockery

Minister of Creative

Michael has a very particular set of skills, skills that he’s acquired over a number of years. Skills that drive him to relentlessly track the artistic aesthetic for every work and hunt for the narrative behind every project. He is motivated by the thought that design and story-telling should inspire delight, because only then will the viewer's attention be captured.

Mike spent eleven years in the advertising industry working at agencies like deep and The Alchemedia Project. As Associate Creative Director, he led design efforts for their largest clients, all of which you have likely heard of. He has an affinity for Saul Bass, modernity, old horror posters, electronic music and running. He also holds the suspicion that the greatest movie ever made might be Pixar's "The Incredibles."

Mike has been a member of the MetaMythic team since the beginning and leads the creative vision and execution of MetaMythic products. With his leadership, design thinking permeates every decision the team takes to dial your training experience to 11.