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Turn your employees into Defenders

CIP Defender, award winning cyber-security learning products that teach employees how to defend their critical infrastructure. Supports NIST and CIP standards. Scroll to learn more...


The Problem with Traditional Training

Is that we never get the results we hope for. Typical employee engagement for cyber-security and compliance training is an abysmal 5-10%, wasting time and increasing human-caused risk.

“I need a good return on my training investment and for everyone to understand the importance of security and their role protecting our infrastructure.”


“Another compliance violation. Why don’t people care?”
“I want to distill the technical CIP information to understandable terms and get it to the right people without losing their attention.”


“I heard audible groans in the room when people learned it was time for compliance training.”
“Talk to me in my language, not compliance-speak. And don't bore me to death along the way. I need to get back to work.”


“For the love of humanity, please not another slide deck.”

Imagine this

Imagine if each of your employees saw themselves as Defenders on a quest to protect their infrastructure - fully engaged in the mission and knowledgeable about their duties. CIP Defender makes this reality through MetaMythic’s award-winning and internationally-recognized training methodology.

Your people will log into our cyber-defense simulator and take on the role of a cyber-security manager, equipping a virtual facility with defenses to thwart the attacks of some of the most nefarious cyber-attackers in the galaxy...

By being part of a story where their decisions make a different, employees will understand the important of cyber-security and compliance, while learning their specific roles and duties at your organization.

Hello! My name is CTANLEE! (pronounced STAN-LEE)

I’m an ancient War Mind who defeated the robots millennia ago and I stand ready to prepare your people. Let me introduce our enemies.

Tailgating a problem at your organization?

These attackers disguise themselves as normal employees and gain access to your facilities.

A devious unit that crawls near your facility entrance and siren-calls your employees to pick it up and plug it into a nearby computer. Network takeover commences.

There’s no code more malicious than these self-aware minions who are always ready to infect your systems.

A versatile unit configurable in both Physical Attack and Hacking modes. Only the strongest physical and electronic security perimeters stand a chance.

Just because someone has a uniform (and a briefcase) doesn't mean they should have access to your facilities. Watch out for this model!

And different characters will teach them the duties of CIP Defense.

Computer-Based Learning

As employees build their defenses and successfully defend from attack, they level-up until they attain the coveted "Defender" status.


For a given topic (e.g. port security), the simulator shows an electronic attack on the facility. This clearly teaches the "why" for employees - how attacks work and why a defense is needed.


After the attack, the Defender chooses a CIP defense to add to their facility. The simulator shows how the defense thwarts the next attack.

Reality Check

After the simulator, employees are given opportunity to explore real attacks and learn about real equipment used on the field.


Once the reason for the defense is given, employees are taught duties specific to their role at your organization. These duties can be fully customized for number of role and for organizations of any size.

Oh, hello again!

The engagement doesn't end with training. Additional components ensure your employees continue to learn.

Defender's Guide
Defender's Guide

Engaging and informative, this handy manual is a constant reference to the standards, duties, and responsibilities for Defenders to keep in their truck, locker or on their desk.


The engagement continues for your Defenders year-round through physical and digital signage, short videos and other released content that reinforces security principles.


For the truly out-of-the-computer training we offer supplementary on-premise training events that are guaranteed to capture attention while driving home key ideas.